SipnSave Specials in NT

Looking to buy a great value beer, wine or spirit? Look no further than the Specials available at SipnSave. We have proudly been catering to all the liquor needs of South Aussies for over 30 years and now have an outlet in Alice Springs.

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Specials available from 21/08/2019 - 03/09/2019
Jack Daniel's & Cola 4.8%
10 x 375ml Cans
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Great Northern Super Crisp
24 x 330ml Bottles or 375ml Cans
$46.99 each
24 x 345ml Bottles
Coopers Dry
24 x 355ml Bottles or 375ml Cans
$47.99 each
5 Seeds Cider
24 x 345ml Bottles
30 x 375ml Cans
Iron Jack Full Strength Lager
24 x 330ml Bottles
Iron Jack Crisp Australian Lager
30 x 375ml Cans
Jim Beam White Label Bourbon 1L
Carlton Dry
24 x 330ml Bottles or 375ml Cans
$49.99 each
Victoria Bitter
24 x 375ml Bottles or Cans
$54.99 each